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    • 【4月6日】看軍聞學英語

      青年日報 via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 1 個月前

      ※seize power: To assume power by force. 例句: Myanmar's military has seized power in a coup d'etat for the first time since ...

    • AP fact check

      雙語新聞The China Post via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 6 個月前

      Citing “horror stories,” President Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of fabricated accusations Thursday in an audacious attempt ...

    • 純潔白花超吸晴 李花綻放美景似雪正當時

      雙語新聞The China Post via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 1 年前

      ... 在南部,嘉義阿里山區竹崎交力坪、瑞里科仔林附近山區,甚至166線路邊,大朵白色李花綻放,超吸晴的雪白美景,絕對是打卡拍照的最佳聖地。 Are you still ...