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    • Couplings

      Flender couplings are durable

      and easy to assemble.

    • Gear Units

      We offer you helical

      and planetary gear units.

    • Industries

      We have a decades-long experience

      in many sectors of industry.

    • Service

      We offer comprehensive services for

      gear units over their life cycle.


    • 法屬新喀里多尼亞暴動 法媒:背後恐有中國影子

      中央社 via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 3 小時前

      (中央社台北19日電)法屬太平洋群島新喀里多尼亞近期爆發30多年最大暴動,法媒報導,這次暴動雖因選舉法改革引爆,但中國陰影也引起輿論關注;分析指出, ...