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    • 穿越時空來場品酒饗宴

      雙語新聞The China Post via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 6 個月前

      Alcohol brewed with fermented grains and fruit is not something new. Such drinks have existed in various societies for a ...

    • 無語錄。共識與共事

      Knowing via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 2 年前

      5. 九二共識打不過酒肉共識。 Five Quotes. Consensus and Cooperation Vin Wu 1. There is consensus to work together, but people without ...

    • 解決紐瓦克「水含鉛」危機 等川普點頭

      世界日報World Journal via Yahoo奇摩新聞· 11 個月前

      ... 擾的紐瓦克市(Newark)可獲得1億元聯邦資金。 布克提出將環保的乾淨水解決基金(Clean Water State Revolving Fund)中的經費挪用至飲水計畫(Drinking& ... ...